Harbhajan Singh Hails Rinku Singh’s Heroics in Thriller Between KKR and GT of IPL 2023

Harbhajan Singh Hails Rinku Singh's Heroics in Thriller Between KKR and GT
October 20, 2023

In IPL 2023, a thrilling encounter between the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) and the defending champions, Gujarat Titans (GT), has garnered praise from former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh, who dubbed it as the best match of the season. The electrifying contest took place in Ahmedabad and concluded with Rinku Singh’s heroic performance, where he smashed five consecutive sixes in the last five balls to lead KKR to a dramatic three-wicket victory over GT.


Harbhajan Singh, who now shares his insights on cricket through his YouTube channel, expressed his admiration for Rinku Singh, emphasizing the affection he garners from the KKR camp due to his long-standing association with the team. Rinku’s outstanding contribution comprised 48 runs off just 21 deliveries, featuring one boundary and a remarkable tally of six sixes.


Speaking about Rinku Singh, Harbhajan Singh said, “Rinku Singh is one such player who is not known by many people. He has been a part of the KKR team for so many years now. He is the fondest player of the team, and everyone loves him.”


Harbhajan Singh also highlighted Rinku Singh’s unwavering commitment to the game, commending his ability to seize the moment and perform under pressure. Rinku’s incredible feat of hitting five consecutive sixes to secure the victory marked a significant achievement for KKR, as they handed the defending champions their first loss in the 2023 IPL season.


Harbhajan recounted, “Even Khan saab (SRK) said that day that Rinku is like my son. It is all because he gives every ounce of his energy whenever he gets the chance to play a match. Today he smashed five sixes, and to do that in a pressure situation is a big achievement. Had he missed one ball there, then the match would have been lost.”


Characterizing the KKR-GT encounter as the highlight of the IPL 2023 season, Harbhajan Singh predicted that Rinku Singh’s confidence would soar, propelling him to greatness in the future.


“I think this was the best match of this IPL season. Who would have thought when players like Russell, Nitish Rana, and Venkatesh Iyer are present in the KKR batting lineup but Rinku will come and win everyone’s hearts. It was unbelievable, and I am sure from here onwards Rinku’s confidence will only grow, and he will become a great player,” remarked Harbhajan.


Harbhajan Singh’s assessment of the KKR-GT clash in IPL 2023 lauds Rinku Singh’s remarkable performance and the thrilling nature of the match, deeming it the season’s standout encounter. Rinku Singh’s incredible display of power hitting and his ability to shine under pressure have earned him admiration from fans and experts alike, with predictions of a promising future in cricket.

Rinku Singh - six6s live
Rinku Singh – six6s live
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