bbl schedule – Swansea vs Bristol City – In the NBA, Steven Gerrard scored 44 points in vain! Jokic has never lost as long as he gets a big three yuan gold nugget this season

January 18, 2023

The gold nugget is now playing against the pioneers at home. The center Nikola Jokic, who paid 36 points and three yuan and scored 44 points, led Damian Lillard to win 122:113 and continue to be the leader in the west.

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Lillard hit 30 points in the first two quarters of this year, but the pioneers were still 67-73 behind after the first half of the game.

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The gold nugget after the change basket was led by Michael Porter Jr., who scored 10 points in a single quarter, and then pulled out a 28:22 offensive, entering the fourth quarter with a double-digit difference, and finally won the game with a 9-point difference.

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Yokic showed his MVP skills again in this game.

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He scored 36 points in 13 of 14 shots and another 10 assists and 12 rebounds, completing the 13th big three yuan this season.

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The gold nugget has not lost in his game of creating big three yuan this season, and has also won 14 consecutive home games.

Although Lillard paid the highest 44 points of the game, it was still difficult to help the team win. Only three pioneers scored in the double from the start, while Jerami Grant contributed 18 points and A. Simons contributed 14 points.

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