bbl schedule – NBA/Wizard Kuzma wins the three-point shot and takes away the Bull Raven’s last hit, causing controversy

January 12, 2023

The wizard played the Bulls at home today. Although the Bull star Zach LaVine roared 38 points, the wizard forward Kyle Kuzma scored the winning three-point goal with 5.7 seconds left in the game time, helping the wizard beat the Bulls back with 100:97, stopping three consecutive defeats.

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The wizard fell behind by 13 points in the first half, but scored 41 points in the third quarter. In the last quarter, the two sides continued to see each other, and Kuzma scored a key three-point shot to get a three-point lead, leaving the Bulls 5.7 seconds to fight back. Later, Raven failed to carry out the final attack, allowing the wizard to take the victory smoothly.

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When Kuzma was interviewed after the game, he said about the winning goal, “I tried to get the best shot out of the phone. When I got the ball, I looked to the left and found that there were many defenders.

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I asked my teammates to cover and successfully scored to the right. I knew that Alex Caruso, the top defender of the league, was beside me, but I still decided to give myself the chance to stand up and throw the ball.”

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Bull star DeMar DeRozan was absent from the game, and the last shot was of course played by the hot Lavin. As a result, when he was 3 points behind, he chose to shoot in the middle distance, which made his teammates unbelievable.

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After the game, Lavin was also asked about this shot. He explained, “I knew I wanted to try to get 3 points. At that time, the opponent fouled me, so my intuition told me to try to play 3 points. I think he chose to play after he fouled, but the referee didn’t blow. That’s what happened.”

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