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January 16, 2023

The Lakers and the lone ranger recently staged an extended game war. After two key three-point shots by Luka Donic, the lone ranger finally won the second extended game after a bitter war. However, the referee’s report in the last two minutes of the match showed that there were seven miscarriages in the last two minutes of the last quarter and the extended match, which became a perfect flaw.

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The report points out that of the seven misjudgments, five were favorable to the Lakers and two were favorable to the lone ranger.

LeBron James gave an interview after the team’s training today. Speaking of the referee’s report in the last two minutes, he stressed that no matter how the report was published, it would not change the result.

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“I will stick to my position. That’s what happened. I know what happened in the game. I hate the referee’s report in the last two minutes. It won’t change anything.”

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The Lakers have won the longest five consecutive games of the season, but they have lost to the gold bullion and the lone ranger in the last two games. Next, they will face the powerful 76. At present, the Lakers have a record of 19-23, ranking 13th in the Western Region. Although they are only one game away from qualifying for the playoffs, they are still close to catching up.

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Although the team’s competitiveness has been questioned repeatedly, James still has deep confidence. “When we keep healthy, we have a chance.

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So as long as we can go out, we have the ability to fight against any team.”

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