bbl news – In the NBA game, a massage gun flew out of the sky and was lost by the Heat bench

January 11, 2023

The Heat played the Thunder at home today, but there was an episode in the game. The Heat’s center, Dewayne Dedmon, was suspected to have quarreled with the coach, and unexpectedly dropped the massage gun on the field during the game, which directly led to his expulsion.

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The incident happened at 9:15 in the second quarter, when the Heat was holding the ball right and organizing the attack, but at this time, a massage gun was thrown out of the team’s bench. It was verified that it was Dimon who threw it out. The referee then called a technical foul and directly expelled Dimon.

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However, the disordered behavior of Damon is supposed to be related to the dispute with the coach during the previous suspension. During the previous suspension of the Heat, Damon was caught arguing with the head coach Erik Spoelstra, and then it was emotional. Diamond was kicked out of the game after only 5 minutes, leaving 2 points and 3 rebounds.

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